The Mandy Fouracre Dance Academy over the years has set the standard for excellence in all the dance disciplines taught within Pippa’s Health Centre Ltd. Every year we enter our students into an awards and assessments evaluation, conducted by The Royal Academy of Dance (UK).

The awards and the assessments serve a dual purpose. Firstly, to assess our teaching staff and secondly, to assess our students. The students are marked on uniform, grooming, technique, musicality, spatial awareness, dance creativity, choreography and studio etiquette. The exposure for the students helps to build confidence and the love of dance.

All students are encouraged to participate in the awards and assessments. Certificates and medals are awarded at the end of the dance assessment.


Every second dance year the MFDA embarks on a very ambitious dance performance held at the national theatre. The production is based on a theme and involves all classes and students. The show involves choreography, costume design, set design, lighting, sound, make-up and sponsorship. The yearend show presents the students of the academy and the work they have accomplished throughout the dance year(s).