Max is a certified Personal Trainer and a specialist in African Dance and Aerobics. He is motivated by helping others achieve their fitness goals and enhancing their lifestyles.

Maxwell Darko Gyane

Elorm Kuevorme is a big advocate for lifestyle changes geared towards living a happier and healthier life. His joy is ensuring his client's improve their lifestyles.

Elorm Kuevorme

Emmanuel is a dedicated and dynamic personal trainer who continually seeks new knowledge and understanding of techniques to improve client experience personalized to their specific physical needs.

Emmanuel Adjei


Jane Tilly

Jane trained full time at Elmhurst Ballet School, in classical dance and musical theatre, after which she attended the 3 year teacher training course at the Royal Academy of Dance. There she gained her licentiate in classical ballet and her associates in ISTD teaching modern dance. She then attended the London Studio Centre as a post graduate studying classical ballet, contemporary drama and musical theatre.

Delali Avinyo Wilson

I have been teaching dance for about 4 years, I became a dancer not just for myself but to prove to people that anyone can dance, I believe we are only as limited as we allow ourselves to be. I believe with determination and constant practice, we can achieve almost anything.


Master Jeff

Assistant TKD Instructor