Max is a certified Personal Trainer and a specialist in African Dance and Aerobics. He is motivated by helping others achieve their fitness goals and enhancing their lifestyles.

Maxwell Darko Gyane


Ivory Archer


Ashtanga Yoga by Pippa.

Emmanuel is a dedicated and dynamic personal trainer who continually seeks new knowledge and understanding of techniques to improve client experience personalized to their specific physical needs.

Emmanuel Adjei


Delali Avinyo Wilson

I have been teaching dance for about 4 years, I became a dancer not just for myself but to prove to people that anyone can dance, I believe we are only as limited as we allow ourselves to be. I believe with determination and constant practice, we can achieve almost anything.

My name is Miss Libby - those of you who attended ballet, jazz or acrobatic dance at MFDA in 2018-19 may remember me - I certainly remember all of you! I am so excited to be coming back to Ghana and I cannot wait to dance with you all again! Since 2019, I have been teaching and living in Belgium and Italy, and the past year spent in my homeland of Wales in the UK where it is rainy and cold, though I do enjoy walking in the mountains and I am learning how to cook, as well as teaching some ballet and acrobatics via zoom and attending some tap dance classes of my own! For those of you who don't know me, I was teaching at MFDA in 2018-19 - you may have heard about our performance of Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Stars at the National Theatre - and we held RAD ballet examinations which were a huge success (100%) in the spring of 2019. I look forward to new adventures with you all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and I look forward to meeting and seeing you all very soon!

Miss Libby


Master Jeff

Assistant TKD Instructor